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In-built compliance automation
for KYC & AML process

real-time database update AI enhanced news monitoring

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About iFinGate

As a subsidiary of FundingReach Holding Limited, iFinGate is inspired by tightened compliance regulatory requirements across the globe, leading to the surge on costs and fines to the banks and non-banks segments. With scarcity of compliance talents, we  intensifies problems where automation will be the only way out. 

iFinGate is positioned as a homegrown RegTech pioneer, innovating the automated system to streamline the compliance process, converts the compliance policies and regulations to executional process, real time checks on compliance breaches and performs AI-enhanced 24-7 news monitoring. We leverage on big data analytics, automation and AI-machine learning, to establish our leading position in afore-mentioned areas, and to provide an affordable, efficient and professional RegTech service. 

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Advanced Technology

Application of data science and machine learning technology to help clients mitigate compliance risks.

iFinGate has set up a radically different technical architecture, leveraging on data science and machine learning to mitigate risk computationally. Our system is built to aggregate and analyse loads of data on a real time basis. The analysis provides valuable insights and information for clients to make decisions from a compliance perspective.

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In-built Compliance Automation

Compliance workflow fully automated to minimize human error and delay.


iFinGate’s proprietary in-built compliance automation system is designed to integrate seamlessly with the client’s internal compliance procedures. Client’s KYC process for AML and CTF regulatory compliance can be integrated into our system as well as the onboarding workflow. With iFinGate compliance automation, customer on-boarding and continuous risk reviewing has never become easier.

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Cost Effective Solution

Huge savings on compliance costs and significant improvement in efficiency.​

iFinGate is committed to offer our clients the most cost-effective solution to meet their compliance requirements. Meeting the ever-increasing demand from regulators and authorities are expensive and may consume lots of internal resources.  With iFinGate’s products and services, clients would be able to manage complex compliance requirements with minimum time and cost.

Our Team

FundingReach is founded by a team of senior bankers and IT experts with decades of experience. We leverage our knowledge on lending market. We integrate innovative technology elements and close to the local business circle. We collaborate, share and commit to build a secured FinTech Platform. Together let us combine FinTech together with our knowledge and experiences in lending, to support you, the businesses and Hong Kong economy.

Meet our Production Team

Meet our Esteemed Advisory Board

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