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A Smarter way to do KYC/AML with AI automation

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Revolutionizing AML Compliance: Empowering Industries with AI-Powered Solutions

While the need for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance is shared across industries, banks and securities firms face unique challenges compared to other industries with higher requirement from  the size of the data base to the data accuracy. Banks and securities firms deal with a vast volume of complex financial transactions, making their AML compliance requirements more intricate. The integration of Regulatory Technology (RegTech) solutions specifically tailored for banks and securities firms is crucial. Software service provider like iFinGate offers advanced capabilities such as real-time transaction monitoring, risk assessment, automated KYC and AML checks, and regulatory reporting tools.


By harnessing the power of RegTech, banks and securities firms can efficiently detect and prevent money laundering, comply with stringent regulations, and safeguard their operations while minimizing costs and improving operational efficiency. 


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Thank you Hong Kong Monetary Authority invited us as the first RegTech company to showcase our solutions with Citi on RegTech Knowledge Hub launched by HKMA on 26 April 2022.

Our vision is to automate risk and compliance assessment for KYC/AML process, in order to achieve higher quality, improve turnaround time and reduce costs for FIs and licensed corporates.

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Contact us to schedule a real-time and interactive demonstration of our in-built compliance automation system and other products today.

iFinGate have a great team from diversified industry background who understands the compliance needs for different industries.

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