Our platform is cloud-based and built with the latest industry compliance standards. We have multi-layer firewall protection against unauthorized access from internet facing traffic and utilize encrypted network communication to minimize possibility of security breach. Our professional technical experts provide non-stop monitoring to the performance of our system. 

Affirmative. From customer due diligence, risk assessment, record keeping, continual monitoring and submission of compliance report to the authority, our product will enable business in different industries to fulfil their compliance requirements in an automatic manner. 

Our product would enable you to meet the current AML/CTF requirements in a fraction of the time and labour resources needed compared with your current internal AML/CTF policies. Our product will become an integral part of your new AML/CTF policy. 

Our product utilizes automatic robots to extract compliance data globally from thousands of publicly available sources and databases, saving hours of manual work. Also our databases are updated automatically to ensure its accuracy. 

We can continue to keep the records for our clients unless we receive instructions otherwise. It is statutory requirement to keep the relevant compliance records for different periods of time depending on the nature of transaction and data. 

Our product is designed to assist the workload of your CO and MLRO and the statutory requirements of their roles cannot be replaced by the automated compliance system. Our product would relieve a significant portion of the workload from your CO and MLRO. 

We are currently offering a 3 month complimentary trial for our service to allow customers to utilize our system to automate their internal AML/CTF policies at zero initial cost. After the trial period, a full evaluation will be conducted by our compliance expert to find the best service plan suited for the specific business needs. 

Absolutely. Depending on your specific business needs, our compliance expert can offer the best service plan suited for your changing business needs. A fully customized automatic compliance workflow can be tailor-made to fully integrate into your enterprise compliance system.

Our products are designed with emphasis on user experience and system robustness. Complimentary training and demonstration is provided with new customer onboarding. Our compliance experts are also available to provide the best advice on how to best utilize our products to suit your changing business needs.