iFinGate automated background search utilizes modern technology combined with the best user experience to achieve your compliance goals. Our proprietary databases comprise global sanction lists and 100,000+ PEP data relevant for your anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing compliance requirements.

The user simply need to input the entity name and a few related data fields, the system will be able to tell whether the entity is on any of the sanction, PEP and alert lists of our system within a few seconds. Our highly experienced compliance experts have ensured that our system will be able to meet your compliance needs.

OUR advantages

Manual search (google / website)

Tedious and time consuming​​

Need to keep search record

Systematic and frequent on-going monitoring is impossible

The websites may be under maintenance

Need to manually screen over multiple results

iFinGate Automated Compliance Search

Search completed in a few seconds

Automated record keeping in the cloud

Timely on-going monitoring is available at your choice

Our cloud-based databases are always online

Automated screening in batch is available

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