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Cyberport Venture Capital Forum – 2020 – iFinGate Limited

Event: Cyberport Venture Capital Forum - 2020

Date: 21st October 2020 – 20th November 2020

iFinGate, is a pioneer in the region for RegTech. Supported by Cyberport, iFinGate is an AI technology company which drives RegTech transformation for financial institutions and professional firms. We provide an automated compliance screening and customer due diligence (“CDD”) solutions online. Featuring with an one-stop scan across global databases, AI-enhanced 24-7 compliance monitoring and automated CDD process, iFinGate aims at lifting the overall compliance awareness as well as quality of compliance execution for its clients. Our vision is to build a well-recognised RegTech platform, servicing users whom have demands and requirements for an Asian origin or based compliance fulfilment platform.

Leveraging on AI technologies, our business is expanding fast even though the global economy is clouded by Covid-19. Our client base has increased significantly in the past 6 months with 500+ new clients. To uphold compliance standard and ensure best practice in the field, we maintain close dialogues with relevant industry associations, regulators and key stakeholders. We organised and participated in various industry events, and we take pride of the fact that we have been invited as a panel member of a leading industry association. We have also been recognised as a fintech and system solution provider under various government technology funding programs.

iFinGate’s management team is strong and has relevant industry experiences. The team is made up of a group of veterans with strong and proven capabilities in technology, and credit and compliance fields.

To experience our RegTech solution.

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