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Collaboration with OCBC Hong Kong on the Advancement of Financial Technology (FinTech) in Portfolio Management

From left: Mr. Victor Yim, Head of FinTech at Hong Kong Cyberport, Mr. William Lam, Founder and CEO of iFinHealth and Mr Johnny Wei, Head of Wholesale Banking of OCBC Hong Kong 

iFinHealth and OCBC Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (“OCBC Hong Kong”) has collaborated on the innovative project which represents a significant milestone in the advancement of financial technology (FinTech) and the application in portfolio management in the industry. The project, concluded in December 2023, upholds Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s (HKMA) ‘FinTech 2025’ Strategy fostering FinTech adoption in Hong Kong, with the support of Hong Kong Cyberport.


Under the collaboration, we appreciated the effort of OCBC Hong Kong sharing insights and acted as an advisor to provide feedback on features, functionalities and interface of iFinHealth’s portfolio management system. This revolutionises the process of conducting financial dynamic projections and enabling real-time adjustments to assumptions which greatly facilitates decision making. This helps enhance the stress testing and innovative capabilities of the system significantly.


Mr Johnny Wei, Head of Wholesale Banking of OCBC Hong Kong, said, “OCBC, as a digital-centric bank, focused on redefining the banking experience for our clients continues to innovate our business capabilities to support the transformative needs of our clients and their businesses. Harnessing OCBC’s strong banking expertise and rich experience in managing dynamic business portfolios across our ASEAN-Greater China regional network, we strive to foster more fruitful collaborations with FinTech start-ups like iFinHealth. Through exploring the use of new data-driven technologies, I am confident that we would gain unprecedented insights to optimise our business strategies, and ultimately drive better outcomes for our clients.”


Mr. William Lam, Founder and CEO of iFinHealth said, “We are thrilled to partner with OCBC Hong Kong on this innovative project. We aim to revolutionize Portfolio Management by incorporating AI-empowered financial professionals to achieve better results. The successful launch of Portfolio Management represents a significant milestone for iFinHealth, as it demonstrates our ability to provide end-to-end automation solutions, encompassing individual company and peer analysis, as well as entire portfolio analysis in a single process. By leveraging AI technology, iFinHealth aims to enhance portfolio management by introducing additional features and functionalities. These advancements could improve the decision-making process and generate superior outcomes for clients. It also recognizes the value of integrating AI into financial services and we are committed to delivering innovative solutions in the industry.”


Mr. Victor Yim, Head of FinTech at Hong Kong Cyberport, said, “We are pleased to witness the successful enablement of iFinHealth's portfolio management solution by OCBC Hong Kong. As part of the FinTech Supervisory Sandbox 3.1 (FSS 3.1) Pilot, this partnership has enabled banks to streamline their workflows and enhance efficiency and capabilities, thereby offering services that meet the evolving needs of customers. As the FinTech hub and the largest FinTech community in Hong Kong, Cyberport will continue to collaborate with regulators and stakeholders to foster the digital transformation of the finance industry, contributing to the development of Hong Kong as an international centre for green technology and finance.”


The success of this collaboration has demonstrated the immense potential across industries in the field of portfolio management. The application of the portfolio management technology benefits a diverse range of users, including banks and insurance companies. By leveraging this technology, users can enhance their capabilities with flexibility, data-driven decision-making and proactive risk management. Ultimately, this can help provide better outcomes for the wider population.


Supported by Cyberport on the FinTech adaptation in our Portfolio Management System

The project is supported by the FSS 3.1 Pilot launched by Hong Kong Cyberport in collaboration with the HKMA. FSS 3.1 Pilot aims to encourage FinTech companies to partner with banks to promote commercialisation and wider adoption of the FinTech projects. It enhances the partnership between banks and start-ups, as well as facilitates the digital transformation in banking sector. Ultimately, the pilot helps upgrade the financial industry and further strengthen the city’s leading position as an international financial centre. FSS 3.1 Pilot provides development-stage funding support for FinTech projects that were approved and completed under Proof-of-Concept Subsidy Scheme (PoC 2021), which fit into the HKMA’s regulatory mandate. The projects must be related to Cybersecurity, Regtech or Risk Management in scope, and have to address a practical issue or pain point faced by the banking industry with no prior use case in the market.




About OCBC


OCBC is the longest established Singapore bank, formed in 1932 from the merger of three local banks, the oldest of which was founded in 1912. It is one of the world’s most highly-rated banks, with Aa1 by Moody’s and AA- by both Fitch and S&P. Recognised for its financial strength and stability, OCBC is consistently ranked among the World’s Top 50 Safest Banks by Global Finance and has been named Best Managed Bank in Singapore by The Asian Banker.


OCBC is the second largest financial services group in Southeast Asia by assets. The Group offers a broad array of commercial banking, specialist financial and wealth management services, ranging from consumer, corporate, investment, private and transaction banking to treasury, insurance, asset management and stockbroking services.


OCBC’s private banking services are provided by its wholly-owned subsidiary Bank of Singapore, which operates on a unique open-architecture product platform to source for the best-in-class products to meet its clients’ goals. Its insurance subsidiary, Great Eastern Holdings, is the oldest and most established life insurance group in Singapore and Malaysia. Its asset management subsidiary, Lion Global Investors, is one of the leading asset management companies in Southeast Asia. Its brokerage subsidiary, OCBC Securities, is one of the leading securities firms in Singapore.


The Group’s key markets are Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Greater China. It has close to 420 branches and representative offices in 19 countries and regions.


For more information, please visit to learn more about OCBC Hong Kong.



About iFinHealth


iFinHealth, a member of the FundingReach group, offers a comprehensive automated solution for end-to-end credit processes. Our robust system handles everything from data collection and analysis to market benchmarking, report writing, limit recommendation, and post-lending monitoring. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), iFinHealth delivers cutting-edge financial assessment tools that lead the market. Our proprietary AI Enhanced Credit Solution empowers businesses to make informed decisions by providing valuable insights.


At FundingReach, we are a prominent RegTech company known for our expertise in data collection, analysis, and monitoring solutions. Under the iFinHealth, iFinGate, and iFinPulse platforms, we leverage AI and machine learning technologies to introduce innovative and advanced solutions to the financial industry. Our clients benefit from our comprehensive data analytics and monitoring capabilities.


We take pride in being the first RegTech company featured by Hong Kong Monetary Authority as RegTech use case and showcased on its official channels. Additionally, we have received esteemed market awards, including the ICT RegTech and Risk Management Award 2022, the ETNet RegTech Award 2022, and the IFTA RegTech Platinum Award 2020. As a rapidly growing company, FundingReach serves over 1,000 clients, including regulators, banks, financial institutions, licensed corporations, and large enterprises.


For more detailed information about iFinHealth and the FundingReach group, please visit our website at

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