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Our AML/KYC solution for Money Service Operators (MSOs)

We understand that Money Services Operators (MSOs) are at a higher risk of encountering money laundering due to the nature of their business. MSOs facilitate the transfer of funds and remittance services, which can attract individuals seeking to launder illicitly obtained money or finance criminal activities. To prevent money laundering, MSOs need to implement robust compliance measures.

Our Work

Digital transformation with MSOs

Pain point for the MSOs

MSOs need to navigate a complex web of AML regulations and guidelines imposed by various regulatory authorities. Staying updated with the evolving requirements and ensuring compliance across different jurisdictions can be challenging and time-consuming. 

With lack of compliance with AML regulations can lead to severe reputational damage and legal repercussions for MSOs. They may face fines, penalties, loss of licenses, and damage to customer trust, which can have long-term negative impacts on their business.

24/7 surveillance 
With our AI-powered engine, iFinGate helps our client continuously monitor and analyze regulatory updates, ensuring that MSOs stay up to date with the latest AML regulations. This helps MSOs adapt their compliance programs and policies accordingly, reducing the burden of manually tracking regulatory changes.

Unlocking Time's Value, iFinGate Saves You More.

Our automated and streamlining AML compliance processes, helps reducing the manual effort required. This helps MSOs optimize their resources, allowing them to allocate personnel more efficiently and focus on higher-value tasks such as investigating flagged transactions or conducting in-depth risk assessments.


Machine Mastery

Implementing effective transaction monitoring systems that can accurately detect unusual patterns, flag potential money laundering incidents, and minimize false positives can be a complex task.

for MSOs 

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