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Our AML/KYC solution for Securities Firms

The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) acknowledges a diverse range of experience for individual security firms and other industry practitioners, which encompasses activities such as conducting research, valuations, and due diligence on companies in relevant industries.

Our Case

Digital transformation with Security Firms

Pain point for the Security Firms 

Many security firms struggle with the increasing complexity of regulatory requirements, which demand constant monitoring and adaptation. The heavy burden of compliance, including data management challenges and high costs, can strain their resources and divert attention from core business activities. Moreover, non-compliance penalties and the risk of reputation damage underscore the importance of robust AML measures. Therefore, here comes our AI-driven software to ease your need. 

Streamlined compliance automation

AI can automate repetitive and rule-based compliance tasks, such as data extraction, document verification, and regulatory reporting. This streamlines the compliance workflow, reduces manual effort, and ensures consistency and accuracy in compliance procedures.


Optimized risk evaluation

AI-powered systems can continuously learn from historical data and adapt to evolving money laundering techniques. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, security firms can improve risk assessment models, identify new patterns of illicit behavior, and enhance the accuracy of detecting suspicious activities.


Real-time Monitoring and Alerts

Our systems can provide real-time monitoring of transactions and activities, generating alerts for potential suspicious behavior. This enables security firms to respond swiftly to emerging threats and take proactive measures to prevent financial crimes. 

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Security Firms 

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