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Chief Executive and Financial Secretary visited FundingReach group companies in FinTech Week 2023

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

group picture of cyberport co-exhibitors with Mr John KC Lee
Group picture of co-exhibitors with Mr John KC Lee, GBM, SBS, PDSM, PMSM, Mr Christopher Hui, GBS, JP, and the leadership team from Cyberport (Source of image: Cyberport LinkedIn)

[Hong Kong, 2 November 2023] – iFinHealth, a leading provider of AI-powered financial solutions, is pleased to announce our participation as a booth co-exhibitor with the Cyberport at the prestigious Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023. We were pleased to grasp the opportunity to showcase our specialty in applying AI in the credit technology to the Chief Executive, Mr John Lee, and the Financial Secretary, Mr Paul Chan, GBM, GBS, MH, JP. We are grateful to the Cyberport leadership team for organizing this event and providing a platform for collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange.

Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023, one of the most highly anticipated events in the financial technology industry, featuring an array of thought-provoking sessions and presentations. Under the theme 'Fintech Redefined', promises to be a groundbreaking gathering of visionaries, regulators, and industry leaders, driving the future of FinTech in Hong Kong. The event kicked off with an official opening keynote by The Chief Executive, Mr John Lee, setting the stage for discussions on the latest trends and insights in FinTech development.

iFinHealth, one of the subsidiaries of the FundingReach, participated as a booth co-exhibitor, alongside Cyberport, highlights the company's commitment to innovation and collaboration within the FinTech ecosystem. As a pioneer in applying machine learning technologies, iFinHealth specializes in credit scoring, RegTech, credit monitoring, and credit analytics, offering businesses fast and accurate financial assessment reports backed by our proprietary AI Enhanced Credit Model.

"The financial landscape is experiencing a transformative shift, and iFinHealth is at the forefront of this revolution," said William, CEO at FundingReach. "We are thrilled to be a part of Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023, where we can showcase our advanced credit analytics and RegTech solutions that empower businesses to make data-driven decisions more efficiently."

Throughout the event, iFinHealth actively engaged with industry experts, regulators, and attendees to foster knowledge exchange and explore potential collaborations. The company's participation in Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023 underscores its commitment to driving innovation, enhancing financial services, and contributing to the growth of the FinTech ecosystem in Hong Kong.

About iFinHealth:

iFinHealth is a leading provider of AI-powered financial solutions. Leveraging machine learning technologies, the company specializes in credit scoring, RegTech, credit monitoring, and credit analytics. iFinHealth's proprietary AI Enhanced Credit Model enables businesses to make informed decisions by providing fast and accurate financial assessment reports. By combining innovative technology with financial expertise, iFinHealth is reshaping the industry and empowering businesses to navigate the complex landscape of credit analysis.

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