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Stepping Up for Sustainability - Our Experience at the Green WALK HK 2024

Updated: May 14


Our company had the privilege of participating in the inspiring Green WALK Hong Kong 2024 event last weekend. It was a great experience filled with team-building activities and a shared commitment to protecting our planet. As one of the sponsors of this meaningful initiative, FundingReach were pleased to support the force to sustainability and promote a low carbon lifestyle. 

The Green WALK Hong Kong 2024, organized by the World Green Organization, aimed to create a movement towards a greener Hong Kong. The key message of the campaign also serves as a magic spark with our core value in promoting sustainability. 

In FundingReach, we strongly committed to social and environmental responsibility. Participating in the Green WALK Hong Kong showcased our dedication to our corporate social responsibility ( #CSR ) for sustainability. By engaging our employees in such initiatives, we create a sense of pride in our shared efforts to make a positive impact on the environment. Walking together for a good cause emphasized our company's dedication to employees' well-being and our belief in the holistic development of our team members. 

FundingReach is immensely proud to be part of the Green WALK Hong Kong 2024, with opportunities that allowed us to align our brand values with a significant cause. As we continue on our journey towards a greener future, we remain committed to driving positive change, both within our organization and the broader community. We will keep our commitment in creating a sustainable and thriving world for generations to come. 

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