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Cyberport Career Fair 2020

The Cyberport Virtual Career Fair 2020, held from 3rd April 2020 to 30th June 2020 by Cyberport, has been a fruitful event for promoting tech entrepreneurship. As an active enterprise in the Cyberport FinTech family, FundingReach was a prominent presence in this two-day live recruitment platform. We received overwhelming responses from industry veterans as well as young and talented applicants. In a few hours, we received over 300 applications aiming at technical as well as business positions. Members of FundingReach family shared with applicants their insights into industry dynamics and career development.

FundingReach was proudly awarded by Cyberport “The most active participation to the live-chat with candidates” for our contribution to the webinars and live talks. We appreciate the opportunity to bring out the best of our company to ambitious youngsters with the aspiration and the capacity to innovate. FundingReach is happy to have talents on board to create infinite possibilities!

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