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Existing compliance solutions rely on manual labour in data input and update. iFinGate leverages data science and machine learning to help clients mitigate compliance risks automatically.

Advanced Technology

Application of data science and machine learning technology to help clients mitigate compliance risks

Existing solutions rely on manual labour to input and update data. Unfortunately, there is a limit to how frequently this can be done.  Data can be months out of date and recently sanctioned entities might slip through the guard.

iFinGate has set up a radically different technical architecture, leveraging data science and machine learning to mitigate risk computationally. While our compliance experts still review data manually, our approach allows data to be updated in minutes rather than months. This new approach, along with our commitment to making it as easy and user-friendly as possible to integrate our solutions and client’s internal compliance policies, has led to a rapid growth in our targeted market segments.


In-built Compliance Automation

Compliance workflow fully automated to minimize human error and delay

iFinGate’s proprietary in-built compliance automation system is designed to integrate seamlessly with the client’s internal compliance policies. It is built to retrieve and aggregate data from accredited sources and perform analysis and evaluation in real time. 

The client’s KYC process for AML and CTF regulatory compliance can also be integrated into the onboarding workflow. Customer onboarding and continuous risk reviewing have never been easier.

Cost Effective Solution

80% saving on compliance costs and significant improvement in efficiency

With a great team of banking, compliance, legal and technical experts, iFinGate is committed to offering our clients the most cost-effective solution to suit their compliance requirements. We understand clients may not have enough resources such as compliance expertise to meet the ever-increasing demand from regulators and authorities. With iFinGate’s products and services, clients will be able to glide through the complex compliance requirements with the minimum time and cost implications.

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iFinGate has a great team from diversified industry background who understands the compliance needs for different industries.


In-built compliance automation

real-time database update AI enhanced news monitoring

About Us

‘iFinGate’ is inspired by tightened compliance regulatory requirements across the globe, leading to the surge on costs and fines to the banks and non-banks segments. Scarcity of compliance talents intensifies the problem where automation will be the only way out.

“iFinGate” is positioned as a homegrown Regtech pioneer, innovating the automated system to streamline the compliance process, converts the compliance policies and regulations to exceptional process, real time checks on compliance breaches and performs AI-enhanced 24-7 news monitoring. We leverage on big data analytics, automation and AI-machine learning, to establish our leading position in afore-mentioned areas, and to provide an affordable, efficient and professional RegTech service.

Our strong leadership team is from both compliance and technical streams, having solid experience in overseeing AML risks on the banks’ business front and its operational flow at the back, and possesses strong technical background on the AI-machine learning and automation areas. Our group have been collaborating with HKU on machine learning projects in the past two years.

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